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Dr. Keith Amodeo, D.C.

A Nationally Published Author And Weight Loss Expert

Kathy L. (Google Review)

Dr. Keith is great to work with. The program is easy and actually I felt like I was eating more than ever and still losing weight. Eat the right things, at the right time and lose weight easily. I lost over 20 lbs and have been able to keep it off. My body is metabolizing food better than it has in a long time. It is worth it – Actually YOU are worth it.

Yes, We Are Open.

We are actively monitoring the coronavirus outbreak both globally and here in the Mid-South. We are taking all CDC-recommended precautions. We also have virtual consultations available using either Facetime, Skype or Zoom.



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Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following general good-health guidelines is the single best step you can take toward naturally keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies such as these:

How To Boost Your Immune System And Reduce Your Chance Of Contracting The COVED-19 Virus

Tips From Harvard Medical School

Don’t smoke.
Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.
Exercise regularly.
Maintain a healthy weight.
If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
Get adequate sleep.
Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.
Try to minimize stress.

Have You Tried or Are You Using Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro? You Need to Watch This Immediately

Have You Tried or Are You Using Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro? You Need to Watch This Immediately

Beth A.
Dr. Keith SAVED MY LIFE. I was obese and living a very sad life. I was stuck in my house scared to do anything because of how I looked and felt. After seeing what he has done for others- I got the courage to go into his office. He welcomed me into his office and I felt true encouragement from him and his staff. He set me up on a weight loss plan that fit my specific needs. I left his office ready to start a new life and that is exactly what I did. I have lost 73 pounds so far!!!!! But I am a changed person forever because of him . I will forever be thankful. If I can do it – SO CAN YOU. – Beth
“Dr. Amodeo and his staff are so encouraging. I started my weight loss journey at 208. And through the encouragement of Dr. Amodeo I currently weigh 148. I feel so much better about myself as well as physically able to do so much more.

I never thought I could lose weight I have Lupus and Hashimoto’s disease which is a thyroid issue. It’s amazing when you change what you eat and stay conscious of your decisions, how your body really can change. I have learned so much from Dr. Amodeo and his staff.”

Watch The Amazing Changes My Patients Experience
By Following Their Custom Weight Loss Program


Regardless Of How Intense Your Emotional Ride Has Been,
We Can End Your Struggles And Create A Successful Result.
Choose The Best Weight Loss Program In Memphis To Help You.

I can take you by the hand, and together you’ll achieve the ideal you. The one you’ve always desired. Let’s get started.

Call us and discover what your Personal Progress Path will 
look like. Your P.P.P. is a custom weight loss program crafted for you, to your wants, to your needs and to your personal chemistry. 

We always cover the cost of your 
consultation. It’s our gift to you for taking the time to introduce yourself. Don’t let weight loss fears keep you from enjoying the life you deserve.
My years of experience has taught me that taking
 the first step can be uncomfortable; some times unbearably so. Please reach out and give us the privilege of caring for you.

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Weight Loss Education Today

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Dr. Keith Amodeo

Weight Loss Specialist

What You're Going To Learn During This Memphis Weight Loss Program:

  • Discover How Making Small Changes Can Produce Big Results In Your Weight Loss Efforts. 
  • Find Out How You Can Feel Healthier And Have More Energy Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.
  • Unlock The 1 Thing That’s Been Holding You Back So You Can and Lose Weight And Look Great In Your Clothes.
  • Easily Avoid The Pitfalls Of Weight Loss To Get Incredible Results Fast.
  • Uncover New Insights Into Weight Loss To Easily Feel Healthy And Have More Energy.



UPDATE: Kay Has Lost 60 Pounds So Far! 🤩

I have been referred to as the best weight loss program in Memphis. I am available for any follow-up questions during and after each procedure. I offer plenty of advice on reaching your long-term weight loss and fitness goals.I

Why This Works

My supervised weight loss program consists of an all natural supplementation. We provide an easy to follow food management plan and the state-of-the-art fat melting Red Light Laser Therapy. Enjoy in-house sessions.My



Ben Ferguson

Radio Talk Show Host
I'm on track right now to lose between 40 and 60 pounds. I needed a program that could work with  my lifestyle.
(Listen To Ben Share His Success)

Kay Manley With Dr. Keith Amodeo

Kay Manley

Radio Host
UPDATE: I have lost 60 pounds!

Steve & Tammy

Husband & Wife
We did this together and together we have lost over 115 pounds. This is Great!

Everything You MUST Know When Choosing The Best Weight Loss Program In Memphis


Collierville Weight Loss On TV

One of my very first weight loss patients when I got out of school was a diabetic type 2. She was only 45 years old. She was on the common medications that diabetic patients take; Metformin, Glyburide, Invokana; those type of medications.
She went in for her first surgery, as do a lot of patients that have diabetes type 2. It's called diabetic neuropathy. They ended Ended up amputating her foot.......

The Science Behind The Best Weight Loss Program In Memphis Gets To The Underlying Condition That Has Been Stopping You From Losing Weight

I’m Lauren Lee from 901 Now. Today I’ll introduce you to Dr. Keith Amodeo. He rejects the one size fits all approach to weight loss.

First off it’s based on science. Once we find the underlying cause of why they can’t let this weight go, we can work backwards. I go ahead and figure out what’s causing the weight gain, and that’s why we get such good results. It could be somebody that has congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, or somebody that just wants to look good and lose 15 pounds and go on a cruise next week.

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Collierville Weight Loss

Red Light Laser Therapy

(Watch Video)

Do You Want To Lose
A Dress Size Or Pant Size?

Red Light Laser Therapy Helps to Literally Melt Away Stubborn Belly Fat. It’s another reason we are the best weight loss program in Memphis.
A study in the Journal of Obesity Surgery researched red light therapy for body contouring. This double-blind, randomized study performed light therapy on participants for four weeks and recorded effects on the waistline. At the end of study, participants had achieved a statistically significant reduction in waistline girth.
Watch As Doctor Keith Amodeo Demonstrates The Red Light Laser.

Do You Know If You're Insulin Resistant?

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Tabitha's Weight Loss
So Far Is 66 Pounds...

Tabitha's Weight Loss Testimonial In Her Own Words

“I said, if I’m going to do something I need to be radical and just go in and do it. When I first came in and talked to Dr. Keith we went over my weight loss goals and how I was going to get there. It was great! It was all laid out in front of me. One of the things I love about coming here is that he really taught me how to eat. I learned how to really change my lifestyle and to live healthy. I’m not depressed anymore. I’m happy. I have energy to play with my kids and run my business.”

As Seen On TV

Dr. Keith Amodeo has been the featured as the best weight loss program in Memphis on WMCTV 5, Fox 13 Memphis, ABC 24 Local Memphis. His expertise is sought all over the Mid-south. You can view past shows on our YouTube Channel.

Dr. Keith Amodeo Talks To Patients About Their Weight Loss Success
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Get Rid Of Your Fat - Have More Energy - And Get Healthy Now
Weight Loss Is Possible​


As the Best Weight Loss Program In Memphis we specialize in helping people lose weight without the need of drugs or the purchase of expensive foods. We help to RESHAPE – RESIZE – DETOX – DESTRESS.

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